About Soundstr

Soundstr is a Cincinnati-based and venture-backed music technology startup, founded by musicians. Soundstr’s mission is to create transparency around real-world music usage. We want to use technology to build a more sustainable music industry by putting more money into the pockets of songwriters and businesses alike.

Our Story

Founder, Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger previously served as a co-founder and drummer for the platinum-selling rock band, Hawthorne Heights. As a co-songwriter, Eron was due a royalty any time a Hawthorne Heights song was performed or broadcast in any business, anywhere in the world. After a performance one night, Eron sat down with the concert promoter to review the expenses. Included in the list was “Performing Rights Fee.” Immediately after tour, he dissected an entire career’s worth of royalty statements in hopes of finding royalties for his performances. Unfortunately, there was no way for his Performing Rights Organization to track when Eron played a show or when his music was broadcast in a venue. This lack of transparency meant he was not compensated for the use of his music. Frustrated and realizing many other songwriters were experiencing this problem, Eron parted ways with his band in order to build a solution.

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